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Souzai pan, Japanese stuffed buns

When we visit Japan, we always buy too many souzai pans in bakeries. Amazing, Japanese bakeries have so many kinds of breads and pastries. The most interesting things for us are Souzai pans.

souzai pan2

Not only fried things like shrimps, croquets and minced meat are packed into buns, but also noodles like Yakisoba and curry are accommodated in buns…

Even though we love Takoyaki, we didn’t take a Takoyaki pan on our tray… We had to wonder if this combination was really good or not.

Putting the Takoyaki pan aside, we love these Japanese souzai pans (stuffed buns). It is really good alternative for sandwiches and hot dogs.

nogami bread and butter

Japanese breads

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Making it is not that hard, but you need special help from Japan

Recently, we missed Japanese souzai pans, so we decided to recreate them at home. It was not as hard as we thought.

souzai pan

Through our experiences, we discovered one important thing: Kewpie mayonnaise is absolutely necessary when making Japanese Souzai pans.

The mayonnaise must be the one from Kewpie, it decides over the quality of Japanese Souzai pans. If you do not use plenty of Mayonnaise, your souzai pans will not have enough Japanese taste, we think.


Unfortunately, Kewpie mayonnaise includes egg, so it is impossible to bring Kewpie mayonnaise from Japan. We always buy Kewpie Mayonnaise at an asian shop near us.


For a mayonnaise brand , Kewpie has a hefty price in our country, but its taste can not be replaced by any other mayonnaise.  


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