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Yummy pork dumplings from Nagasaki

Sure, Osaka is the most famous city as a producer of yummy Butaman (pork dumplings). We ate many Butamans from 551 Horai when we visited Osaka.

But in Nagasaki, we also found very awesome Butaman from Momotaro.

momotaro butaman

Foods in Japan

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A very friendly staff, our child was so happy!

When we arrived at Nagasaki station, we found a small food stand in the station building.

nagasaki station

The smell from this stand was mouthwatering…. The stand was from Momotaro, a Butaman shop. After a 2 hour journey from Hakata to Nagasaki, we were eager to eat something. 

We only bought 3 Butamans and ate them up in the station building. They were so yummy, even though 1 pork dumpling cost only 80 Yen!

On the next day, we bought 20 Butamans at this stand. The staff remembered us and said “Thank you for coming here again!”. The staff told us that they’ve packed 2 small Butamans for free. These are for our child.

You can find the small Butaman on the right side of the photo below.

These 2 small Butamans made our child very happy! 

Before we posted this article, we found the ad from Momotaro on Youtube.

We totally agree that Butamans from Momotaro make people happy, like this cute child.

Yukidaruma bento titel

Bento box

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