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The 5th of May is the children's day in Japan

Today is the Japanese children’s day, Kodomo no hi. We wanted to celebrate this day somehow, but we neither have carp-shaped windsocks nor a samurai warrior’s helmet. 


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Making Kashiwamochi is not that easy...

Instead of decoration, we decided to make Kashiwamochi, a rice cake with sweet red beans paste wrapped with an oak leaf.

We have no oak leaves, but it will be ok without a leaf, we thought.

We formed 6 Kashiwamochi without leaves and steamed them. After a few minutes, it wasn’t 6 Kashiwamochi that came out of the steamer, but something different comes out…

We can now say, the oak leaf is the most important thing for making Kashiwamochi! All 6 rice cakes morphed together in the steamer…


Foods in Japan

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Soy beans powder saved us!

kodomo no hi

Somehow, we reshaped this large sticky blob into 6 rice cakes.


Kinako, or soy beans powder saved our Kodomo no hi. Our child ate many of these “Kinakomochi“.