We love Hamazushi, we love Pepper!

You can meet a working Pepper in Hamazushi!

Though we recommend Sushiro, we still love Hamazushi. A lovely Pepper is waiting for us! 


Pepper looks not only cute, but also he (?) is a very competent staff member of Hamazushi. He can understand Japanese, English and Chinese and takes care of customers at the entrance.


Foods in Japan

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Fatty tuna costs only 150 Yen!

In our first visit to Hamazushi this year, fatty tuna was sold out, but in our next visit, fatty tuna was available! Unbelievably, it cost only 150 Yen! The quality was better than Sushiro’s fatty tuna and cost lower! We could really understand why fatty tuna was sold out.

Other limited sushis were also amazingly good! For such high quality, the prices are really low.


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