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The Tokyo 2020 official Gummy is made of 100% fruits juice?

The Kaju (fruit juice) Gummy from Meiji is the one of the oldest Japanese Gummy and it is the official gummy for Tokyo 2020 (2021). 

We were surprised, when we saw “Muscat juice 100” on the package. Is this gummy made of only fruit juice from muscats?

tokyo2020 official gummy

This information confused us, but it must contain syrup, gelatine and more. This Muscat juice 100 means that thanks to using concentrated muscat juice it contains almost the same percentage of muscat as real Muscat juice. Jeez, we still don’t get it…


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Is this gummy the alternative to fruits?

As a matter of fact, Kaju Gummy’s fruit juice proportion is very high. So according to announcements from Meiji, eating Kaju Gummy is almost the same as eating real fruits.

fruits gummy

No doubt, this gummy is yummy, but regarding the feeling when eating, Cororo is much more realistic. For us, it is impossible to imagine that eating Kaju Gummy is just like eating real fruits…


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