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This bread makes you more intelligent

Do you know that there are breads in Japan that make you smarter? This magical bread’s name is Zuno Pan, in English brain bread.

This bread is not a fishy thing, a more scientific product. The brain physiologist Dr. Takatarou Kigi who was taught by Ivan Pavlov (A Nobel prize winner, you probably know Pavlov’s dog, a conditioned reflex), published a book after his studying in the Soviet Union. According to this book, eating more vitamin B1 helps you having a better memory and thinking process.

For this brain bread, a so called “brain wheat flour” which contains more vitamin B1, is used. After eating this bread, you can (maybe) learn more efficiently!


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The best seller in the Tokyo University coop

Because of this scientific fact, these breads have been the best seller of the coop of Tokyo University for a long time. 

It is actually very important to know, only eating this bread does not work, after eating, you have to study hard and then this bread helps your learning process.

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Not only good for your brain

When we visited Tokyo University, we bought this legendary bread with cream & crunchy chocolate. It looked like a hot dog bun with chocolate cream. Other versions like peanuts butter cream were also available.

The bread is very soft, this is just a personal preference, more cream would be better, but the combination with crunchy chocolate is good. We were not sure, if our brain became better than before, but it costs only around 130 yen, ideal as a snack for students! It is also easy on the portemonnaie!


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