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A red mobil suit for the Red Comet

The MSN-04 SAZABI is the most iconic mobil suits in the movie “Char’s Counterattack”, we think.

No wonder that our child was eager to get this Gunpla for his Christmas present. Moreover, this Gunpla has amazing ratings in every Japanese portal.


When you buy this Gunpla in Japan, it costs around 4000 Yen. But if you buy it online outside Japan, the price can easily be way higher.

We had to pay around 60 Euro and wait for the shipping from Japan for more than 1 month. Finally, we had to visit the customs office to pick up it.



You can find more information and our advices here!

But it is worth to pay this much money for the Sazabi?


For our child, it was none of business how much it costed. He was so excited when building the Sazabi. Its joints are insane, bending way more than any Gunpla we ever bought. There are numerous little details like an opening cockpit, articulated funnels (Those red things sticking out of his back) and even a beam rifle with a little priming mechanism! Sadly, it doesn’t shoot.

It definitely was worth buying this Gunpla. So if you are planning to add a model to your Gunpla collection, this is the one for you! Seriously, just buy this one.