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Smooth ticket purchasing & admission fee for Permanent Exhibition is very low

Edo-Tokyo Museum

On a rainy day in Tokyo, we visited the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku.

It is a very good spot to visit on a rainy day. Even though this museum is famous, we could get our ticket without wasting time in a line. We were also surprised with the admission fee, it was very low, even if this museum offers many interesting exibitions.

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A hands-on museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum2

This museum is focused on the Edo period (1603-1868)  and the modern period (Meiji-Showa) in Tokyo.

It was really amazing that we could see and touch the recreated wooden bridge and houses. The miniature models of the buildings that have perished were very detailed and fine.

Edo-Tokyo Museum3

Our kids were also very excited when the  demonstration of the old western houses started. We really recommend visiting this museum, especially on a rainy day. Even without your umbrella you can visit the Tokyo of a century ago.

Next to this museum, you can easily find the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the famous Sumo hall. In this area, you can really enjoy typical Tokyo sightseeing.


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