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Shrimp crackers for a small price

Japanese shrimp crackers are one of our favourite snacks, so we purchased these Ebi Mirinyaki from Mikawaya online. They only cost 120 Yen including tax!

There were 7 thin but large crackers in this package. We were lucky, in spite of a long transport from Japan, all crackers were fully intact.

Ebi Mirinyaki1

If you want to know how these round thin crackers are made, watch the video below.


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How to eat these Ebi mirinyaki

These Ebi Mirinyaki crackers were crispy and yummy, but we found some suggestions in the back of the package. 

You can use these Ebi Mirinyaki like crackers,  for example as an ice cream sandwich. One of these ideas is a Takoyaki Senbei, so Takoyaki are between two Ebi Mirinyakis.

Uhm, we’ve seen this before… “Goro san did it!”

In the 10th Episode of the Kodoku no Gurume in season 3, Goro san ate this snack! 

We want to try it, but we have no Takoyaki…

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