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Triathlon in Odaiba Marine Park

If you can’t get a ticket for the Olympic games in Tokyo, but you want to watch some games indeed, Triathlon is your best bet.

According to the route map of the triathlon, a street in Odaiba Kaihinkoen (Marine Park) station through the Symbol Promenade Park (individual Men/Women) or to Ariake tennis park (mixed relay) is the road bike course.

Because the marathon and race walking were rearranged to take place in Sapporo, it is not that easy to watch an Olympic game without a ticket, if you are going to only stay in Tokyo. For such tourists, triathlon is the only chance to watch a game without a ticket. 

Getting up early is also required, because the triathlon will start at 6:30 (27.07. & 28.07.)or 7:30 (01.08.) and end at around 9:00 – 9:30. Good luck!