You are currently viewing Galbo, chocolate with mixed in strawberry grain from Meiji

A tasty chocolate snack for in-between?

Galbo is a well-known chocolate snack for Japan, but this time we selected something new, namely “strawberry with mixed in grains”.

Galbo strawberry

On the package, it said that we could experience a “more delicious and strawberry feeling”, so a high quality is promised.


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Galbo supports your busy life with 3 yummy rhythms

The colour of Galbo was not that bright, but it still looked okay. A typical strawberry flavour scent came from the package.

Galbo strawberry3

On the back side of the package, we found the information from maker, that “We support your busy day with 3 yummy rhythms”.

Galbo strawberry2

By bitting ” the crispy rhythm”, by spreading the “gently dissolving” and by melting ” the quick melting”, so with these 3 “rhythms” we can support our busy days?

Galbo strawberry4

Sorry, it is really hard to understand what this means… But not considering these rhythms, Galbos tasted really yummy! 

Japanese sales slogans sometimes make us very confused… Maybe, they’re beyond our comprehension… 

hokusai sabou3

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