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Nr.1 sales in the category Okaki in the Reiwa era

There is a large variety of Japanese rice crackers, therefore it is not that easy  to choose which one to buy. But for this Inaka no Okaki (rice cracker from the countryside ) from Iwatsuka seika was an easy choice, because this product has the Nr.1 sales rice cracker in the category “Okaki” in the new era Reiwa.

inaka no okaki

The reviews on Amazon Japan also were very positive, so we could try it without any concern.


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What is the difference between Okaki and Senbei?

There are 3 flavours of rice crackers on sale, our choice was salty. This rice cracker is simple, but its taste was depends on the quality of materials. Even though the price is not that expensive, the quality and taste is really incredible.

inaka no okaki3

Now, we had a question why this rice cracker’s name is Okaki and not Senbei?

We researched and found out that the difference in name is caused by the different kind of rice.

For Okaki, Glutinous rice is used, on the other hand, for Senbei non glutinous rice is used. Good to know!


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